Details on raceday advantages which are befitting of owners' significant commitment to the Royal Jockey Club and the racing business.

Owners' Details

Dress Code

We kindly ask that Owners and their guest abide to our members dress code in which it helps to maintain a sense of occasion that makes our raceday very special.

Riders & Racebooks

Owners will be able to view information on racedays such as runners, results, view replays online. Additionally, you can also find out information on racing and trial fields.

Hospitality for owners

All our racecourses offer exclusive and complimentary facilities for owners. Winners are invited to a Winners’ Room to toast their victory.

Winners' Award

A medal will be awarded to the winning Owner for fastest racetime during the event and a complimentary race video will be provided. Additionally, photographs of the winning horses and also replica throphies can be purchased.

Parking for raceday

Owners will receive the same raceday parking privileges as Members. There is also a Light Rail station and bus terminal at the racecourse main entrances.

Complimentary Ticketing Privileges

Owners will be able to apply for and collect complimentary passes, special privileges, and additional guest passes. If your name appears as an Owner in the race book, you are entitled to one free race book and food/beverage voucher.