Every runners and riders, weights, results and sectionals are up-to-date race. Additionally online racebooks, assignment gateway, tracks and training information for international runners.

Racing Details

Training and tracks specifications

Athletics sports facilities are typically used for daily training and local or regional competitions. Hosting higher level competitions usually entails greater demands on sports facilities, especially in terms of infrastructure. Specifications for course proper and training tracks.

Track Wind Indicator

Anemometers are a benefit to riders during races and events. Wind is one of many weather conditions that can affect sports. For tailwinds that help horse speed up, such as allowing to underperform if performance sets a record. However, the results of this competition remain valid as all riders during the race receive the same support.

Equine Welfare

On Royal Jockey Club premises we maintain high expectations of our staff and participants ensuring the safety and welfare of all racehorses competing at Royal Jockey Club racecourses, training at our venues and retired horses under our management. We will likely persistently execute drives to guarantee every single horse gets the norm of care they merit.